December 23th, 2012

Today I decided dive in my objetive language, i.e. English for a month.

My idea is not use my natal language. this way I have to learn use the English. I will have that use the internet for that.. I will also use movies in English and some radio stations. I hope I get used this language very fast.

December 21th 2012 (Goals)

Good Afternoon, My name is Gilbert and I am from Costa Rica.

This is my first entry and I am here because I want to write my daily with my goals about my progress in English.

Well… My firsts short-term goals are:

1. Talk with a native speaker during 30 seconds at least.

2. understand the songs or tv shows.

Thoses are two goals for now because I have to have small goals to achieve and this is my plan: listening and listening much in English about show tv or songs and conversations of native speaker.